Hr. Secondary

St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary school was established in 2019 and offers Classes XI and XII in the Arts and Commerce streams.

The school is located in Umoid, about 14 kms from Mawkyrwat town where the district headquarters of the South West Khasi Hills district are located.

In February 2019, after receiving permission from the Directorate of School Education, Higher Secondary classes in the Arts stream were started. The following year, in 2020, the Commerce stream was added.

Early in the 2020-21 academic year, the COVID-19 pandemic had taken over the world. Classes could not be conducted in a traditional manner. New and creative ways needed to be established to ensure that the students remained focused and engaged in their studies.

In January 2021, fortunately, regular classes commenced once again. The school set out on an ambitious plan to help the students complete the syllabus and to prepare for their final examinations.

Soon after their examinations, however, all educational institutions were once again forced to stop regular classes due to a rise in the number of COVID cases.

Presently all regular teaching and periodic class tests are being done online.

When regular classes begin, all students, returning and new, will need to provide proof of being COVID VACCINATED in order to attend class.
Rest assured, the entire staff of St. Xavier’s has been vaccinated for COVID.


Admission Forms for Cl XI ARTS and COMMERCE streams will be available in the School Office as soon as the 2021 MBOSE Matric Results are declared.

In order to know the schools rules and expectations, applicants are requested to familiarize themselves with the Student Handbook before applying for admission.


St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary Umoid is truly “A School with a Difference” — as its motto suggests.

Besides focusing on a strong academic programme, which is integral to the school’s Jesuit tradition, students at St Xavier’s Umoid participate in various extra-curricular activities. They partook, for instance, in an International Art festival at Mawkyrwat in 2019. Later in the academic year, they competed in the District-level Quiz and Debate Competition. They won the first position in the Quiz competition and the third position in the Debate competition. They were declared the overall district champions.

Faith and spirituality are intrinsic elements of the school programme. The school day begins with a prayer and ends with the Examen — an Ignatian form of prayer. The Holy Eucharist is celebrated at school on the first Friday of each month.

St. Xavier’s Umoid is committed to promoting the local Khasi culture. In fact, it was the first school in the state to adopt the jainsem, a local dress worn by Khasi women, as part of the school uniform.

The school is committed to being “Green.” The students are actively engaged in planting trees and protecting nature. In 2019, the school established a Sacred Grove on campus. This is an enduring Khasi tradition. In 2021, over 3,000 saplings were planted. The school also strives to reduce wastage and forbids single-use plastics on campus.

The dignity of labor, a quality already celebrated by the Khasis, is promoted in the school. The school buildings are cleaned by the students, as also the school premises. On Saturdays, the students and staff work to beautify the school and its campus. Though the school is new and still unfamiliar to many in the district and the state, it is earning a reputation for its strong academic programme, its good discipline, and the all-round formation it provides its students.


On the 4th May 2021, the Deputy Commissioner of the SWKH ordered the closure of classes at all schools in the district because of a surge in Covid-19 cases. With physical classes being held in abeyance, the school began to offer online classes. Things were in the same situation last year and the students are already familiar with the online procedures.

This year, however, we are planning to migrate from Whatsapp to Signal, a similar app but with less privacy and security issues. To download the Signal app please click here .

St. Xavier’s Hr. Sec. Students: This is the procedure we will be following until regular classes can begin:

# Please make sure you are in your class group on Signal. If your are not, download the Signal App . If your number has changed, send the new number to the Principal (08787566511).
# If there are other SXHHS students in your vicinity who do not have access to the internet, please be willing to share the notes with them. When doing so, follow the necessary precautions of using a face mask, sanitizing your hands, and social distancing.
# Those students who are unable to get access to the internet, even from family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc., are requested to contact the Principal. At a minimal charge, the school may try to make photocopied notes available.
# Your teachers are already regularly conducting online subject tests. Please study for them and follow their directions.
# Please try to stay connected, informed, and academically engaged until there is a change in the situation.

When regular classes begin, all students, returning and new, will need to provide proof of being COVID VACCINATED in order to attend class.

Rest assured, the entire staff of St. Xavier’s has been vaccinated for COVID.