New College Administrative-Arts Building

The architect has submitted the design and floor plan for the new Administrative-Arts building. Some modifications have been recommended and the revision of the building plans are still underway. We hope to start construction at the earliest.

The architect’s rendition of the new Administrative block and Arts section

Girls’ Residence Hall

Work on the new Girls’ Residence Hall, as depicted in the architect’s rendition below, has already begun.

What the new Girls’ Residence Hall will look like

The building will accommodate 150 female students, as well as religious sisters and possibly also some female staff members . The plan is to have two more such buildings for female students and two more similar buildings for male students.

The New Building

In April 2019, we broke ground for a new building that would have administrative spaces, 12 classrooms, staff rooms, etc., the kind of building that would meet the needs of an educational institution.

The view of the rear side of the new building, which has been delayed by the pandemic-related lock-down
The architect’s rendition of the building

Above is the architect’s rendition of the new building.

The inside corridor of the new building

The new building is almost ready, as seen in the pictures above, even though some interior works still remain to be done. The work slowed down as a result of the pandemic-related lock-down and the ensuing scarcity of skilled workers.

Temporary Classrooms

When additional space became necessary the following year, to accommodate two classes of Arts and the newly approved Commerce stream, the SSA building was clearly insufficient. More classrooms were badly required.

The Temporary Classroom building erected on campus

Close to the existing building, an Assam-type building was erected. The new structure has three classrooms, each with the capacity to accommodate up to 50 students, besides also a staff room with an attached toilet.

First School

Soon after receiving permission from the Directorate of Education to start Higher Secondary classes (Arts stream), the abandoned SSA structure on campus was remodeled, renovated and repurposed to start classes. The remodeled structure had two rooms. The smaller room was converted into the Principal’s Office cum Staff room, while the larger room became the classroom.

The redesigned, renovated, and repurposed SSA building serves as the first school building.

Initial Structure

On the land acquired in Umoid for St. Xavier’s educational Centre, there was an existing SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) building. The village leaders had relocated the school within the village in order to offer students easier access to the school.

The old SSA building that existed on the newly acquired college property