5th May 2021

Classes closed. At the directive of the District Administration, all schools are closed because of a surge in Covid-19 cases. The school has to revert back to online classes.

22nd April 2021

Classes Begin. Class XII classes in both streams, Arts and Commerce, begin for their new academic year.

20th April 2021

Student Orientation. Class XII students of both streams, Arts and Commerce, begin their new academic year with a two year orientation programme. The programme was conducted by Br. Nobert Kharumnuid, the resource person, ably assisted by the school staff.

17th April 2021

Staff In-service. Ms. Monica and Mr. Sainboralang attend a staff in-service programme held at Mawshohroh. The programme was conducted by Fr. Konrad Noronha SJ, a clinical psychologist, and focused on “Child Protection” in the context of growing menace of child abuse and exploitation, and human trafficking

Ms. Monica and Mr. Sainborlang attend a Staff In-service held at Mawshohroh. With them is Fr. Paul Coelho, the principal.

12th April 2021

Class XI Exam results declared. The Class XI Final Exam results are declared. All students are given a “Passed” certificate, as per the Government’s directive to make this a “Detention Free” year. Many students who fared poorly, however, are encouraged to voluntarily repeat Cl XI.

21st March 2021

Construction work. The construction work on the school building and enhancing the campus continues after a short respite.

The campus development works continue

11th March 2021

Class XI Exams. The Class XI students begin their MBOSE exams, even though the question papers have been set by the school staff and the corrections also done inhouse.

27th February 2021

Peace Rally. There is a Peace Rally organized by the local leaders of the Umoid area in support of the non-local workers who were recently attacked.

The Peace Rally in support of the workers who were attacked on 24th February 2021

11th February 2021

NEHU Inspection. A team, under the leadership of Prof. Nongbri, the Dean of NEHU’s School of Education, visits the college for a site inspection. Besides addressing the students of the Hr. Sec. School, they also visit the building site, verify the application documents, and inspect the library.

11th January 2021

Classes Recommence. Following the directives of the Government of Meghalaya, higher secondary classes commence today. The COVID-19 protocols of the Government are strictly adhered to and attendance to classes only permitted to those students who brought Letters with Parental Permission.

4th January 2021

New Staff Members. In preparation to recommence classes from 11th January 2021, after the haitus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, two new teachers join the Staff.
Ms. Monica Mylliem who is from Mawlai, Meghalaya, has a Masters of Arts and has cleared the NET examination.
Ms. Jennifer Ophriini who is from Kaibi, Manipur, has a Masters of Commerce and has also cleared the NET examination.
St. Xavier’s Umoid is very fortunate to have these two new staff members and warmly welcomed them into the St. Xavier’s Umoid family.

Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Monica joined the staff in January 2021

2nd January 2021

MSMHC Sisters’ Visit. The Provincial of the MSMHC Sisters from Shillong, Sr. Maria Goretti, visits the college with two council members, to explore the option of collaborating in the college.

The Provincial and two council members of the MSMHC congregation are seen here with the Principal.

28th October 2020

College NOC. The Government of Meghalaya gives St. Xavier’s Umoid the No Objection Certificate to start College classes from June 2021.

8th October 2020

Dept. of Hr. Education Inspection.A team from the Directorate of Higher and Technical Education visit the proposed college for an onsite inspection. After going through the documentation of the proposed college, to ensure all the prerequisites have been fulfilled, and also visit the building site and check the library books and other facilities. It is only after the Government gives its No Objection Certificate (NOC), that the application for affiliation to the university can be submitted. By June 2021, if all goes well, the college would be ready to begin classes with its first batch of students.

10th August 2020

Fr. Joseph Victor, SJ, joins the staff of St. Xavier’s Umoid. Fr. Joseph recently completed his studies in Theology from the Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth in Pune. Prior to joining the Jesuits, Fr. Joseph worked in Kerala, which is his home state, and also in Kuwait. Among his interests are drawing, painting, travel and sightseeing.

4th August 2020

The Admission form is now available online for new students interested in enrolling in the Arts and Commerce streams.

31st July 2020

St Xavier’s Umoid launches its new website. The architecture of the new,, makes it accessible from mobile devices, not just laptops and computers.

20th July 2020

The Matric results are declared and we begin distributing Admission forms to interested students who have passed their Matric Examinations.

16th March 2020

The Government of Meghalaya orders the Closing all schools because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

9th March 2020

Class XII classes commence. Mr B. Jyrwa comes to help out in the school, working on remedial English for those students who have not-passed their Class XI examinations. On the same day, two friends of St. Xavier’s Umoid from the United States, Mr. John Sealey and Ms. Jane Glynn-Nass, visit the school.

7th March 2020

Very Rev. Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal SJ, the Superior General of the Jesuits, attends the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the arrival of the Jesuits to Northeast India. He later visited Meghalaya, on 9th March, and for a public function at Umbir that Mr. Conrad Sangma, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Meghalaya, and Mr. Vincent Pala, the elected Member of Parliament from Shillong, attended, along with a host of other important dignitaries and the people of the area.

3rd March 2020

On 3rd March 2020, St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary fields two teams for the District level Quiz and Debate competitions. The students take the first place in the Quiz competition and the third place in the Debate. The teams were trained by Mr. Marwein and a few students accompanied them.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Quiz-Debate-winners.jpg
The students at the District-level Competitions

26th February 2020

Those students who passed in the Class XI MBOSE examinations enroll in Class XII.

24th February 2020

The Class XI Arts MBOSE examination results are declared in the school office.

3rd February 2020

The Class XI students begin their Board Exams. These exams are conducted in the school, even though the examination papers are set by the Meghalaya Board of School Education .

14th January 2020

Classes resume after the Christmas-New Year break.

30th December 2019

Vice principal Dn. David Nukhu is ordained a priest in his home village of Razeba in Nagaland. A group of students from St. Xavier’s Hr. Sec. School, accompanied by Fr. Paul Coelho and Mr Sainborlang Marwein, attend the ordination.

Fr. David Nukhu’s Ordination

6th December 2019

Prior to the commencement of the second terminal examinations, the school has a Pre-Christmas Gathering with a Eucharistic celebration followed by a Christmas cultural programme that includes Christmas carols and some party games.

2nd December 2019

The school celebrates the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, the patron of the school, a day in advance. Fr. Paul Coelho SJ, the principal, speaks about the qualities of the saint that the students should want to emulate.

26th November 2019

The DC of the SWKH District, Ms. Isawanda Laloo IAS, visits the school and meets with the students. She encourages them to make the most of the opportunity they have at St. Xavier’s Umoid to get a good education and succeed in life.

Ms. Isawanda Laloo IAS, the District Commissioner, with SXHSS students

14th November 2019

While the rest of the country celebrated Children’s Day, the staff and students enjoy their annual School Picnic . The venue for the picnic is at Mt. Sawsymper, a well-known picnic spot not far from Umoid. In fact, Mt. Sawsymper is also at the centre of a famous Khasi folk tale.

The School Picnic

19th October 2019

Several St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary students, accompanied by Mr. Marwein, participate in an International Art festival which is held at Mawkyrwat. The purpose of the festival ias to expose local students to art forms from around the world and to learn how to appreciate art.

St Xavier’s students at an International Art Festival

9th October 2019

The Directorate of Education of the Government of Meghalaya gives St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary School Umoid permission to start Classes XI and XII in the Commerce stream.

25th September 2019

At 10:30am, Fr. Melvil Pereira SJ, the Regional Superior of the Jesuits in North East India, visits the school and addresses the students.

Fr. Melvil Pereira SJ, the Regional Superior of the Jesuits, addresses the students

25th September 2019

At 9:00 am, Bah John Thyriang, the District School Education Officer (DSEO) for the South West Khasi Hills (SWKH) district, visits the school and speaks to the students.

The DSEO, Bah John Thyriang, visits the school

16th July 2019

Dn. David Nukhu SJ, joins the staff of the school and is appointed as the vice-principal. He has served in the Jesuit school in Arunachal before and recently completed his theological studies in Delhi.

24th June 2019

For a week, Fr. Vilezo George SJ conduct an English Programme for the students, teaching them the fundamentals of English grammar and pronunciation.

10th June 2019

Today was the first day of regular classes.

6th June 2019

Br. James Chin SJ and Br. Matheus Kharbudon SJ, along with Mr. Sainborlang Marwein, conduct a two-day New Students’ Orientation programme. Students are introduced to the ideals of Jesuit Education and the expectations of the school.

5th June 2019

St Xavier’s Higher Secondary school Umoid officially opens its doors to its first class of fifty-seven Class XI students in the Arts stream. The Principal, Fr. Paul Coelho SJ, welcomes the students to a new school and speaks about the significance of the day, reminding the students that they are indeed a very special group to be attending St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary on the very first day of its existence. When the assembly ends, the students plant a few trees on campus to remember the occasion. The day, coincidentally, is also Earth Day and the festival of Eid.

Students seen here the first day of the newly established school

3rd June 2019

The results of the Admission procedure are announced. Fifty-seven students are accepted in Class XI. All 57 of them are enrolled in the school.

18th April 2019

The foundation stone is laid for the new building. The Jesuit Regional Superior, Fr. Melvil Pereira SJ, and a few other leaders and guests attend the function. Bah Harmarles Thabah is awarded the contract to construct the building.

4th March 2019

Attractive flexes advertising the new school are posted at significant locations in the area. Posters, too, with information about the new school, are circulated and distributed to the various high schools in the area.

Fr. Paul Coelho SJ, with a flex advertising the new school.

1st February 2019

St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary School Umoid receives permission from the Directorate of Education to start Higher Secondary classes (XI and XII) in the Arts stream